7/16/10 – Signet acquires Colle Towing (

7/14/10 – MCTF: false Jones Act criticism distracts from clean-up (

7/14/10 – Bridge takes a ride on the river (Hudson Register-Star)

7/13/10 – Coast Guard: barge’s ’09 grounding preventable (

7/13/10 – Sustainable river transport (

7/7/10 – ‘Whistleblower’ sues barge company for violations of 12-hour rule (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

7/7/10 – Barge strikes tourist boat in Philadelphia, 2 missing (New York Times)

6/25/10 – Senator John McCain pushes to repeal the Jones Act (

6/24/10 – Shipping sectors to split costs of Neah Bay rescue tug (

6/23/10 – Farewell to a Tugboat Bard (New York Times)

6/7/10 – Clam boat pulls up cannisters off NY, crew sickened (Yahoo! News)

6/3/10 – Two rescued as tugboat sinks in Fraser River (

5/27/30 – Retirement tugs a salty captain away from boats (Portland Press Herald)

5/24/10 – High river, but low traffic (Kansas City Star)

5/24/10 – Cleveland: state loan helps Great Lakes Towing add 25 full-time jobs (

5/22/10 – Inventors take aim at Pacific Ocean ‘garbage patch’ (North County Times)

5/21/10 – Mid America delivers three tugs to MNO (

5/20/10 – Coast Guard, other agencies monitor barge in tow off Washington coast (C.G. 13th District Public Affairs)

5/19/10 – NY/NJ Port Authority has agreed to buy Greenville Yards for a barge-to-rail station (

5/15/10 – Failing locks jam river traffic (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

5/13/10 – Wireless waterways pursued (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

5/13/10 – Former barge firm manager convicted of conspiring to pollute the San Francisco Bay (Contra Costa Times)

5/12/10 – International Tugmasters Association forms (

5/4/10 – Coast Guard: Watertight failures, excessive load doomed Katmai (

5/4/10 – AWO: Towing industry had more deaths but fewer spills in 2009 (

5/4/10 – OpEd: America’s Marine Highway – Who Will Champion The National Program? (

5/4/10 – The BRAtt World Debut (

4/28/10 – The BRAtt: Burchette Robert Allen Training Tug (

4/23/10 – KTK takes delivery of its first STAN Tug 4011 (

4/19/10 – Somerset, MA will appeal Coast Guard ruling on LNG (The Herald News)

4/16/10 – Inland waterways board recommends raising industry’s fuel tax (

4/15/10 – Tidewater Barge Line owner Ray Hickey dies at 82 (The Oregonian)

4/14/10 – Mystic Seaport to highlight U.S. tugboat industry in exhibit (

4/13/10 – Barge capsizes off Oregon coast, dumps load of scrap metal (

Latham Smith and his family’s tugboats (The New Yorker)

4/13/10 – Coast Guard issues safety alert on automatic DSC channel switching (

4/12/10 – Asian carp; petition fights proposal to close locks to Lake Michigan (

4/12/10 – Maritime Medical Association to offer electronic records service (

4/12/10 – Feds sit out oil groups’ tug lawsuit (Cape Cod Times)

4/9/10 – Marine Highway’s program expands (

4/8/10 – America’s waterways, poised to deliver the goods (

4/8/10 – Life not easy as tugboat captain on Calumet River: jobs could be wiped out if locks close (

4/7/10 – Jurors: Bouchard must pay for 2003 Mass. spill (

4/7/10 – U.S. Department of Transportation to promote marine highways (

4/6/10 – AWO applauds judgment against oil spill law (

4/6/10 – Maritime attorneys publish shipmaster’s law reference guide (

4/5/10 – ST Engineering to build two tugs for OSG (

4/4/10 – ATB needs escort after locking-pin problem near Columbia River (

3/29/10 – Chesapeake Shipbuilding launches tugboat (

3/29/10 – Crowley christens new ATB in Florida for Jones Act fuel trade (

3/28/10 – Pushboats for the Amazon (

3/28/10 – North American coasts to become emission-control area (

3/28/10 – EPA report on discharges of vessels <79-feet released to Congress (

April 2010 – Crude oil tanker holed by barge after bouncing off moored ship (

April 2010 – Life vest plays vital role in rescue of towboat deck hand from river (

3/25/10 – Bollinger re-delivers ATB to Bouchard (

3/25/10 – Coast Guard responds to barge explosion near Corpus Christi, TX (USCG)

3/25/10 – Coast Guard calls on new cell-phone ally in rescue operations (

3/25/10 – Legal tug-of-war for payout in tragic Staten Island Ferry crash (N.Y. Daily News)

3/25/10 – Tugboat company cites old admiralty law in Brooklyn trial (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

3/25/10 – New fuel station for Vancouver Harbour (

3/24/10 – Maritime Medical Association calls for fight against seafarer obesity (

3/24/10 – New York State’s oldest operating tug to sail on Erie Canal tour (

3/23/10 – Oakland Port sees solid cargo numbers in February (

3/23/10 – Op Ed: U.S. Port Crisis (

3/23/10 – Delivery of Stan tugs to Jan de Nul (

3/22/10 – WorkBoat Watch: It’s not just about security, stupid (

3/22/10 – New bridge watch alarm system (

3/22/10 – Homeowners seek Buzzards Bay oil spill payout (Cape Cod Times)

3/22/10 – Horizon Shipbuilding delivers, launches towboats (

3/21/10 – Update on rivers at St. Paul and Stillwater : Up, up, up…..and waiting for the crests (

3/20/10 – Battle against invasive Asian Carp continues (

3/20/10 – Illinois River bridge hit by barge, closed to traffic (

3/18/10 – Supreme Court to reconsider action on Asian Carp (

3/18/10 – InterManager: Criminalization, piracy hurting mariner recruitment (

3/17/10 – gCaptain Q&A: Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on Marine Highways Program (

3/17/10 – Crew member charged in B.C. ferry sinking (CTV News)

3/16/10 – Man Diesel L27/38 Engine for Tugs (

3/15/10 – Accident hearings adjourn in Port Arthur (

3/15/10 – Missing crewman from towboat went back to help (

3/15/10 – McAllister Towing Turns to HELM (

3/15/10 – Man missing after towboat sinks in Ohio River (

3/13/10 – US government agrees to delay sentencing of mariner (Saipan Tribune)

3/11/10 – Tugboat used to transport cocaine from Puerto Rico to Florida (

3/10/10 – Coast Guard cutter, crews rescue beached beacon (StarNews Online)

3/10/10 – Severity of Ohio River flooding hinges on rainfall (

3/9/10 – Man agrees to pay $234K for false distress calls (

3/9/10 – MarEx Op-Ed: Jones Act Issue Is Power, Not Interpretation

3/9/10 – Silent But Deadly Undersea Threat: 4 Billion Gallons of Oil (

3/9/10 – Update: Wrong button could have caused ship collision (Beaumont Enterprise)

3/6/10 – South Point barge repair business achieves groundbreaking initiatives (

3/5/10 – NTSB News Release: Fatigue Endangers Transportation Workers & Passengers Across All Modes, NTSB Chairman Warns

3/5/10 – Barge stowaway bobcat photographed by pilot (

3/3/10 – Coast Guard issues safety alert as result of mariner electrocution (

3/3/10 – Unwanted Stowaway: DNR called in to remove bobcat from towboat (

3/2/10 – New Jersey Governor trying to stop Delaware River dredging project (

3/2/10 – Big changes for Coast Guard in Pacific Northwest (

3/2/10 – Manila STCW Conference Ready To Revise (Maritime Accident Casebook)

3/1/10 – Asian carp fight may close Chicago River: the battle against the invasive species could shut down tour boats and all boat traffic up to 4 days a week (

3/1/10 – Tugs to run leaner and cleaner (

3/1/10 – Delaware River Dredging Gets Underway (

2/28/10 – Barge hits Sunshine Bridge support piling (

2/25/10 – Washburn & Doughty delivers 2 tugs to Moran in Louisiana (

2/25/10 – On the Timing & Duration of Sleep (N.Y. Times)

2/23/10 – Tugboat crew rescues Mid-Hudson Bridge jumper (Daily Freeman)

2/23/10 – Missouri River management discussion exposes rival priorities (

2/23/10 – Loran: Have a back-up; primaries fail – count on it (

2/23/10 – Hub LNG docking in Boston uneventful (

2/23/10 – Illinois seeks to block new Michigan move in Asian carp battle: Attorney general’s office asks high court to uphold ruling that keeps locks open (

2/23/10 – Army Corps OK’s start of Delaware dredging (

2/23/10 – Barges sink after towboat strikes Ohio River’s Cairo Bridge (

Michigan’s Sand Products Corp. finds opportunities by buying boats during Great Lakes recession (

New AEP towboats offer crew luxuries, fuel savings (

Coast Guard delays release of proposed towing vessel inspection rules (

Bollard pull testing becoming standard for newly classed tugs (

2/23/10 – Sat-nav systems under growing threat from ‘jammers’ (BBC

2/23/10 – Seattle Box Volumes Up In January, Tacoma Hits 3-Year Low (Pacific Maritime Online)

2/23/10 – Robert Allen-designed, Turkish-built 45-tonne Bollard Pull ASD Tug Delivered to Caucedo Marine, DR (

2/23/10 – Damen’s Stan Tug 1205 (

2/22/10 – EPA unveils Great Lakes restoration plan (Los Angeles

2/22/10 – Maritime Monday #202 (

2/19/10 – Damaged Greenup Lock repair nearly complete

2/18/10- Asian Carp: Michigan report disputes cost of closing canal locks (Yahoo! News)

2/18/10 – SoCal Port Volumes Mixed In January: LB Up, LA Down (Pacific Maritime Online)

2/18/10 – NorCal Inland Container Barge Project Receives Fed Stimulus Funding (Pacific Maritime Online)

2/17/10 – Study: Cost of closing Chicago locks exaggerated (

2/17/10 – Biologists intensify hunt for Asian carp near lake: Invasive species yet to be found north of Romeoville barriers (

Crew rescued after towboats and barges collide after overtaking (

Barge drifts 100 miles & runs aground after towlines part (

Texas tug captain falls to his death from ladder in internal stairwell (

Operator dies when crane tumbles off construction barge (

2/16/10 – Bollinger to build 2 ocean-going tugs for Crowley (

2/16/10 – Slow Trip Across Sea Aids Profit & Environment (The New York Times)

2/15/10 – ‘Waiting for days’ on the Ohio River for the damaged Greenup Locks (Charleston Daily Mail)

2/12/10 – Salvage workers find body in search for missing tug crewman (

2/12/10 – Tugboat sinks near Krotz Springs (

2/12/10 – Coast Guard will reduce operations to overhaul its fleet, commandant says (The Washington Post)

2/11/10-Crewmember missing after tugboat sinks in Houston Ship Channel (

2/10/10 – Save the Coasties (Huffington Post)

2/9/10 – Washburn & Doughty 80-foot Z-Drive Tug (

2/8/10 – Coast Guard terminates Loran-C signal (USCG)

2/8/10 – One more towboat in series for Waxler Trans. (

2/7/10 – Biologists say Great Lakes still at risk despite ballast flushing (

2/5/10 – Maritime interests in CT claim state’s dredging rules threaten economy (

2/5/10 – Deadline for comments on STCW changes is Fe. 16th (

2/5/10 – Shippers mull how to pay for Neah Bay rescue tug (The Seattle Times)

2/5/10 – Study says barges not big source of pollution (

2/4/10 – 4 hurt in Port Arthur oil tanker crash file suits (

2/4/10 – Michigan study disputes economic effect of closing 2 Chicago locks (

2/4/10 – Easier Access to Electronic Charts (

2/4/10 – Bollinger Delivers 55K BBL Tank Barge (

2/4/10 – NWC Decries Funding Cuts in FY2011 (

2/4/10 – Groundwork completed for revised STCW Convention & Code (The Maritime Executive)

2/4/10 – Maritime budgets struggle as Obama administration tackles the budget deficit (The Maritime Executive)

2/4/10 – Coast Guard grants approval of Donjon-SMIT’s OPA-90 salvage services contract & funding agreement (The Maritime Executive)

2/3/10 – Michigan again asks Chicago-area locks and dams be closed (

2/3/10 – Lawmakers Protest Prposed CG Cuts (

2/1/10 – Decreased demand, recession reduce barge traffic to 15-year low (

2/1/10 – Crewmember injured when towboat strikes Ohio River bridge (

1/31/10 – Sabine Pilots play Texas Chicken on the Sabine-Neches Ship Channel (

Pilot dies after tumbling over the side of moored towboat on Miss. River (

1/28/10 – Towboat Trojan sinks, leaks fuel in Big Sandy River (

1/28/10 – Louisiana tugboat named for Navy admiral who saved owner’s life (Minot Daily News)

1/27/10 – Brief: Feds set date for carp meeting (

1/27/10 – Editorial: Feds don’t seem to get the urgency of the Asian Carp situation (

1/27/10 – Judge OK’s Delaware River dredging (

1/27/10 – U.S.-flagged tug Betty sinks off Jamaica; 4 crew rescued (Cape Cod Times)

1/19/10 – Towboat crewman in W.V. drowns after false ‘all clear’ signal (Huntington Herald-Dispatch)

1/19/10 – Grain barges break away after towboat strikes Miss. River bridge (Professional

1/18/10 – Two RAstar 3800 tugs from Robert Allan (

1/15/10 – Donjon’s tug fleet continues to grow (

1/14/10 – Tugboat captain, shipping company charged with negligence in fatal 2005 barge explosion (Chicago Tribune)

1/13/10 – Barge worker rescued after fall into Miss. River (Heartland News)

1/13/10 – Editorial: Finding Our Way Home, Again (The Maritime Executive)

1/12/10 – Money dwindles for lock-and-damn repairs (

1/9/10 – La. tugboat crewman killed when he falls into bayou (

1/9/10 – Coast Guard breaks tug and barge free from Hudson River ice (USCG)

1/8/10 – Asian Carp left hanging, Supreme Court ruling delayed (

1/7/10 – Western Kentucky Navigation to close, cut 161 jobs (Business First)

1/6/10 – Colle Shipyard contract for new ASD tug for Signet Maritime (

1/6/10 – Calais LNG files papers for eastern Maine terminal (Bangor Daily News)

1/5/10 – Great Lakes shipping sails rough waters (The Detroit News)

1/4/10 – Container-on Barge service planned for Missouri River Freight Corridor (Richmond Daily News)

1/4/10 – Jensen Maritime designs two new barges (

1/4/10 – Maritime Medical Association is formed to promote seafarer health (Professional Mariner Magazine)

12/31/09 – Coast Guard Hero Dies at 88 (

12/31/09 – Tug captain, 2nd mate relieved of duties (Alaska Daily News)

12/31/09 – Deckhand rescued from Illinois River after barge strikes bridge (Morris Daily Herald)

12/30/09 – All ahead stop (Alaska Dispatch)

12/30/09 – Coast Guard runs two probes of tugboat’s grounding (Anchorage Daily News)

12/29/09 – ADN Editorial – Pathfinder: We need to know why tug strayed (Anchorage Daily News)

12/29/09 – Investigation into tugboat grounding on Bligh Reef begins (Anchorage Daily News)

12/27/09 – Hope Services delivers T/V Lisa Marie (

12/27/09 – Tugboat crewman crushed to death on Hackensack River (

12/27/09 – Crews prepare to remove remaining fuel from crippled tug (Anchorage Daily News)

12/27/09 – Crowley tug Pathfinder stable after spill (

12/26/09 – Damaged tug towed slowly from Bligh Reef to Port Valdez (Anchorage Daily News)

12/25/09 – New sheen delays effort to get fuel off crippled tug (Anchorage Daily News)

12/25/09 – Mile-long sheen spreads near disabled tugboat (Anchorage Daily News)

12/25/09 – Crews abandon efforts to skim oil (Anchorage Daily News)

12/24/09 – Tug grounds on same reef as Exxon Valdez tanker (Anchorage Daily News)

12/23/09 – Minnesota to join Michigan in lawsuit to keep out Asian carp (

12/23/09 – Bridge clearance technology expected to enhance safety on Mississippi River (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

12/23/09 – Charleroi locks users still face years of congestion (

12/23/09 – Widow sues tugboat operators in July 4 death of husband (

12/22/09 – Trinity House, a prime minister, a gallant ship (Professional Mariner Magazine)

12/22/09 – Family of Teenage Navy Man Killed on Virginia’s James River Wins Federal Lawsuit Against Tug Boat Operator for Wrongful Death (

12/21/09 – Coast Guard issues warning on use of holiday lights on vessels (Professional Mariner Magazine)

12/20/09 – Michigan files suit in U.S. Supreme Court over Asian carp (

12/18/09 – Flying Carp Threaten Bond Ratings, Great Lakes Fish (

12/17/09 – CG Aviators Earn ‘Salute of Excellence’ (

12/16/09 – Crowley ATB is largest to ever transit Alaskan Waters (

12/15/09 – Man injured bringing in rig sues marine companies (The Southeast Texas Record)

12/14/09 – Tug crewman injures head in slip-and-fallnear South Carolina (Professional Mariner Magazine)

12/12/09 – Cries to halt Chicago canal traffic because of carp are opposed: Fish-fighting measure too costly, some say (

12/11/09 – The future consumption of shipping fuels (Maritime Journal)

12/11/09 – Big barge squeaks through Ocean City bridge (

12/9/09 – Cummins power for Amazon tug (

12/8/09 – Gloucester, VA waterman escapes injury in collision with barge on the James River (

12/8/09 – Asian carp fight may hurt Chicago economy (WLS-TV – Chicago)

12/7/09 – Pacific Maritime Online Special Feature: Small Tug for a Big Job

12/7/09 – Michigan to file federal suit: Fear of Asian carp prompts effort to close Chicago locks (

12/7/09 – Tougher rules for towboats ahead, coference warns (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

12/6/09 – U.S. may close Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal – fear Asian Carp nearing Lake Michigan (Chicago Tribune)

12/2/09 – Fears mount over giant carp reaching Great Lakes (

12/2/09 – New RAmparts 3000 Tug for Boston Towing (

11/24/09 – Irving Shipbuilding delivers tugs to Nordane (

11/21/09 – 550 to lose jobs as Valero refinery is closed in Delaware; Wilmington Tug to be affected (Philadelphia Inquirer)

11/19/09 – Rum rescue calls out to Captain Morgan: Titan Salvage & Crowley Maritime’s herculean efforts get shipment to safety (

11/18/09 – Coast Guard clears dislodged barge to continue on its journey (

11/17/09 – Body of man who fell off Md. barge recovered in South River (Baltimore Sun)

11/17/09 – A Bottom-Line Need for Port (Philadelphia Inquirer)

11/17/09 – No Safe Harbor for New York Tugboat Union (The Village Voice)

11/16/09 – Death in the dark: how a training exercise turned deadly (

11/15/09 – Harbor pilots in rough water; Maritime group pushes change in practices & salaries (

11/11/09 – Pushboat transporting crane strikes, damages La. bridge (Professional Mariner Magazine)

11/9/09 – Coast Guard is asked to yield on oil spill law (Cape Cod Times)

11/6/09 – Worker missing after falling off barge in Chesapeake Bay (Professional Mariner Magazine)

11/5/09 – Coast Guard closes flooded Ouachita R. to barge traffic (

11/3/09 – Horizon Shipbuilding delivers 140-foot towboat for Florida Marine Transporters (

11/2/09 – Two barges sink, 13 adrift after towboat strikes St. Louis bridge (Professional Mariner Magazine)

11/2/09 – One missing, three rescued after tugboat sinks in Mobile Bay (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/30/09 – Officials: speed, human error caused barge crash (Lafourche Daily Comet)

10/29/09 – Vessel speed limit to protect whales goes into effect Sunday (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/29/09 – Hudson River PCB dredging stops for season (Albany Times Union)

10/28/09 – Duluth company’s second tug rolls into port from Texas (

10/28/09 – Crowley christens new Pascagoula-built ATB to serve Marathon Oil (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/27/09 – Captain: Florida inland port plan should include barges & towboats (

10/23/09 – House approves Coast Guard funds for acquisitions, safety & training (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/22/09 – Barge slams into downtown marina (

10/22/09 – Towing company points finger at local firm for Robson Bight spill (

10/19/09 – Recession hits New York seaport industry hard (Staten Island Advance)

10/19/09 – Steven’s Towing Co. involved in oyster restoration project (Outer Banks Sentinel)

10/16/09 – The World of the American Marine Pilot: Never A Dull Moment (The Maritime Executive Magazine)

10/14/09 – House passes bill to provide maritime workforce development loans (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/12/09 – EBDG Completes Barge Designs for Harley Marine (

10/11/09 – Letter to the Editor: South Carolina overlooking waterway job possibilities (

10/9/09 – Hope Services, Inc. Delivers New Towboat Again (

10/8/09 – MarAd to guarantee $40M in loans to construct 39 barges (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/6/09 – House Subcommittee hearing on the “Qualifications & Credentialing of Mariners: A Continuing Examination”

10/6/09 – Tug, barge involved in fatal pleasure boat capsizing (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/5/09 – Army Corps: The Dalles lock cracks are ‘worse than we anticipated’ (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/4/09 – Miss. Riv. closed after towboat strikes bridge; 6 barges loose (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/2/09 – ALCOAST: Seafarers Shore Access on Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Facilities (U.S. Coast Guard)

10/2/09 – Army Corps closes Dalles Dam lock due to structural problem (Professional Mariner Magazine)

10/1/09 – Officers asleep as F/V Patriot was lost (Gloucester Daily Times)

9/30/09 – Baltimore officials call costs to move Moran Towing ‘extraordinary’ (Maryland Daily Record)

9/30/09 – Markland gates showed no sign of imminent failure (The Madison Courier)

9/30/09 – The day Portland nearly lost its namesake sternwheeler (

9/30/09 – Foss pioneers new route on the Columbia River (

9/29/09 – New tug construction: Tacoma company rebounds after hard years with tuna industry (Tacoma News Tribune)

9/29/09 – Broken Markland lock could delay barge traffic for months (Louisville Courier-Journal)

9/27/09 – Good times return to Martinac Shipyard (Tacoma News-Tribune via

9/27/09 – Fuel spills after tanker collides with barge in Houston Ship Channel (Professional Mariner Magazine)

9/25/09 – Coast Guard Authorization Act passes out of House Transportation Committe (press release from Rep. Don Young, R-AK)

9/22/09 – New York State barge canals touted as freight alternativers (Albany Times-Union via

9/21/09 – Kitten tossed off Lake Pontchartrain Twin Spans rescued by mariners (Picayune Item)

9/18/09 – Mass. lawmakers give final OK to oil spill bill (

9/17/09 – Watershed Moment: MERPAC & Mariners Converge on NMC (The Maritime Executive)

9/17/09 – Steiner delivers 4th Z-drive pushboat (

9/16/09 – Bristol Harbor Group designs 35k bbl. barge (

9/15/09 – Hudson River PCB dredging resumes after another stoppage (Albany Times-Union)

9/11/09 – Tug company settles Delta pollution charges (Contra Costa Times)

9/7/09 – Grim Tidings: it’s not season for rejoicing at Texas ports (Houston Chronicle)

9/6/09 – Tugboat showdown on Portland Harbor (Portland Press-Herald)

9/3/09 – N.Y. Tugboat Workers Strike Over Staffing (N.Y. Times)

9/2/09 – Reducing emissions in Southern California (

9/1/09 – 1938 Waterford tugboat under repair for Hudson River parade (The Saratogian)

8/30/09 – Bisso Towboat accepts 4,000 hp ASD Tractor Tug (Maritime Reporter & Engineering News)

8/25/09 – Crowley Adds Sesok to Alaska River Tug Fleet (Maritime Reporter & Engineering News)

8/25/09 – The Perils of LORAN: an Endangered Life (GPS World)

8/25/09 – Barges, low-emission tugs to transport farm goods to Oakland (Professional Mariner Magazine)

8/20/09 – Shipyard plans to expand facility – Chesapeake Shipbuilding launches tugboat (

8/19/09 – Seaspan tug saves kayaker (North Shore News, BC)

8/17/09 – Allegedly tipsy drawbridge operator quits (Boston Herald)

8/12/09 – Hudson River dredging resumes — slowly (

8/11/09 – Largest towboat ever built visits Illinois River (Morris Daily Herald)

8/10/09 – Ocean Tug & Barge Delivers FacetTug Design (Maritime Reporter & Engineering News)

8/10/09 – Baydelta Maritime general manager dies of heart attack at 41 (S.F. Chronicle)

8/09 – Bushey Shipyard: a small yard with big ideas (Marine Log Magazine)

8/09 – New bunker fuel management system from FuelTrax (Marine Log Magazine)

8/09 – New tug concepts unveiled by Voith, Wartsila (Marine Log Magazine)

8/3/09 – Tennessee tugboat captain indicted on child pornography charges (Memphis Online)

7/30/09 – Chesapeake Shipbuilding Delivers New Tugs (

7/9/09 – Feds indict Brusco manager for illegally dumping dredged material (Professional Mariner Magazine)

7/9/09 – Cummings: National Maritime Center delays ‘unacceptable’ (Professional Mariner Magazine)

7/8/09 – Tugboat pilot plan may have backfired (The Associated Press)

7/7/09 – Hudson River PCB dredging  operation employs 95 barges (Professional Mariner Magazine)

7/7/09 – Owner of B.C. tugboat torched by arsonists had dumped other vessels (Times-Colonist)

7/3/09 – Ships struggle to stock Tamiflu for crews as H1N1 virus spreads (Professional Mariner Magazine)

7/1/09 – New Coast Guard communications system already passed first test (Workboat Magazine)

6/23/09 – Rep. LoBiondo authors bill to protect U.S. mariners who attack pirates (Professional Mariner Magazine)

6/19/09 – Washington State extends Crowley’s Neah Bay response tug pact (Professional Mariner Magazine)

6/9/09 – WWII-era tug Comanche needs a new port (The Olympian)

6/8/09 – Coast Guard presents merit award to Harley Marine’s Barnes (Professional Mariner Magazine)

6/4/09 – Tug & Barge to carry nuclear plant’s concrete vaults on Erie Canal (Professional Mariner Magazine)

6/3/09 – Cummings authors bill to create maritime training loan program (Professional Mariner Magazine)

6/2/09 – Tugs & barges on the job as construction starts on new R.I. bridge (Fall River Herald News)

5/28/09 – Navigational aids targeted by vandals & thieves (USCG)

5/26/09 – Bustle is notably absent from Port of Milwaukee (Milwaukee Journal – Sentinel)

5/22/09 – Coast Guard honors towing industry professionals for heroic efforts during Hurricane Ike (USCG)

5/19/09 – Barge shipping looms for local waterways in Alabama & Mississippi (

5/19/09 – Commercial mariners warned not to approach U.S. Navy Vessels (Professional Mariner Magazine)

5/11/09 – Debate heats up over cancellation of GPS backup system (

5/7/09 – Miss. River electric turbine project draws doubts (Arkansas Democrat – Gazette)

5/4/09 – $12M in stimulus cash to deepen Oakland Harbor (

5/3/09 – Dredging of Hudson River PCB’s set to start this month (Schenectady Daily Gazette)

4/30/09 – Northport Systems enables iPhone users to access maritime charts (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/29/09 – Century-old Daniel McAllister tugboat restored at Montreal quays (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/28/09 – All vessel crewmembers in U.S. waters must now carry ID (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/24/09 – Savannah Marine, Marinex to pay $1M for damage to S.C. bridge (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/23/09 – ID confirmed; fallen Campbell Trans. deckhand’s family gets closure (The E. Liverpool Review)

4/22/09 – Towboat crew hailed for ‘Miracle on the Mississippi’ bridge rescue (

4/22/09 – Moran tugboats in Charleston, S.C. switching to ultra-low-sulfur, bio-diesel fuels (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/18/09 – Delmarva mariners seek federal funds for dredging Wicomico R. (

4/16/09 – Coast Guard safety alert on tank barge cargo pump electronics (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/16/09 – Tug owner seeks legal protection; Company targeted in Patriot case focuses on limited liability (Gloucester Daily Times)

4/14/09 – Deckhand killed in fall from coal barge along Ohio River lock (The E. Liverpool Review)

4/14/09 – Bridge in Cairo, Il. reopens after being struck by barge (The Chicago Tribune)

4/13/09 – JonRie commissions its new Series 250 Escort Winch for Ultratug of Chile (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/13/09 – F/V Patriot crew’s family to sue tug owner (Gloucester Daily Times)

4/13/09 – Five killed when overloaded boat slams into docked tug in Fla. (The Florida Times-Union)

4/11/09 – Merchant Mariner seeks justice – Veteran’s status sought for 10,000 (The Albemarle Daily Advance)

4/11/09 – Pirates hijack US-owned, Italalian-flagged tugboat Buccaneer (Associated Press)

4/10/09 – Crowley receives new Alaska tug Nachik (Professional Mariner Magazine)

4/9/09 – Ashtabula Marine Museum covets tugboat listed on eBay (Ashtabula Star Beacon)

4/7/09 – Moran Towing looking at 4 potential relocation sites in Baltimore (Maryland Daily Record)

4/1/09 – O.C. Man chokes to death on bait fish as kids watch (

3/24/09 – Wa. Governor signs bill for year-round rescue tug at Neah Bay (Seattle Times)

3/21/09 – Vintage tugboat, last of its kind, comes home (The Oregonian)

3/20/09 – Towboat and barges strike Popp’s Ferry Bridge ( – South Mississippi)

3/18/09 – Tug boat worker dies after falling in river near Edgard (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

3/16/09 – Coast Guard announces final rule covering issuance of merchant mariner qualification credentials (Coast Guard News)

U.S. mounts efforts to shift cargo from highways and railroads to ships (Professional Mariner Magazine – Issue #121)

3/15/09 – Aerial search to commence Monday for man missing from Black Warrior tugboat (The Birmingham News)

3/11/09 – Sinking tug creates mess in Michigan’s Black River (Port Huron Times – Herald)

3/10/09 – CG report blames Cosco Busan disaster on pilot, master (CG News Release)

3/10/09 – Teenage tugboat crewman missing from vessel on Mississippi (Professional Mariner Magazine)

3/8/09 – Two saved after tugboat sinks (B.C. Times Colonist)

3/6/09 – NTSB reiterates its commitment to ridding fatigue in transportation during sleep awareness week (NTSB News)

3/6/09 – McAllister Towing awarded industry leader safety award (Professional Mariner Magazine)

3/6/09 – Cosco  Busan pilot pleads guilty in deal (San Francisco Chronicle)

3/5/09 – Tug captain survives icy plunge near Campbell River (Campbell River, B.C. Mirror)

2/28/09 – Tug fire caused by electrical malfunction (Seattle Times)

2/25/09 – Towing vessel sinks in Ohio River near Owensboro; 2 rescued (Professional Mariner)

2/23/09 – Barge signals new ‘green’ era (

2/20/09 – Tugboat tug of war roils Buzzards Bay (Cape Cod Times)

2/16/09 – All hands on deck make light work (The Daily Astorian)

2/14/09 – The little tugboat that couldn’t (The Los Angeles Times)

2/13/09 – Police say Port Fourchon workers faked ID cards (Houma Today)

2/13/09 – Important Regulation Change: Consolidation of New York Harbor Safety & Security Zone Rules (Federal Register)

2/11/09- TWIC program has woes with PIN resets (Federal Computer Week)

2/12/09 – C.G. News Release: Coast Guard announces actions to reduce mariner credentialing process time

2/10/09 – Harvey maritime firm used unlicensed pilot, according to testimony (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

2/10/09 – Towboat firm let low-level crew fill in, 2 testify (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

2/9/09 – Former DRD Towing manager takes the stand at Coast Guard’s oil spill hearing (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

2/9/09 – C.G. Press Release: Operation Big Tow confirms 99% of towing vessel operators properly licensed

2/6/06 – Sunken barge headed to scrap heap

2/6/09 – C.G. Press Release: Coast Guard Orders Towing Vessel to Cease Operations After Accidents

2/5/09 – Editorial: Threat to silence VMS shows NMFS’ shameful disregard for safety (Gloucester Daily Times)

2/5/09 – Applied Weather software helps mariners forecast severe rolling (Professional Mariner Magazine)

2/3/09 – CG Chief: VMS use wasn’t ‘routine’ (Gloucester Daily Times)

2/3/09 – Jumbo hopper barges break free on Monongahela Rive (Professional Mariner Magazine)

2/3/09 – Refiners, Union Reach Tentative Deal, Avert Strike (Bloomberg)

2/1/09 – Shipping industry runs short  of mariners (Chicago Tribune)

1/31/09 – Coast Guard renews oil spill hearings (New Orleans Times – Picayune)

1/27/09 – Patriot fouled; security too late – Owner asserts tug not involved (Gloucester Daily Times)

1/26/09 – NY, Heating oil barge runs aground (

1/23/09 – Photo crew’s sobering exam finds Patriot on its side (Gloucester Daily Times)

1/21/09 – S&P cuts OSG ratings outlook (Marine Log)

1/21/09 – Families push for underwater Patriot photos (Gloucester Daily Times)

1/20/09 – New Robert Allan ASD tug class (Marine Log)

1/20/09 – OSG America CEO Whitworth out, Itkin in (

1/13/09 – Fishermen, advocates simmer over priorities (Gloucester Daily Times)

1/11/09 – Lack Of VMS Code Slowed Coast Guard – Commander says they couldn’t access info that could have pinpointed Patriot (Gloucester Daily Times)

1/9/09 – Tug Focus Of Patriot Probe – Coast Guard confiscates cable connected to barge for study in sinking (Gloucester Daily Times)

1/7/09 – U.S. Shipping Defaults, Starts Lender Talks on Future (Bloomberg)

12/18/08 – Runaway pilot Terry Carver testifies in Coast Guard oil spill investigation (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

12/17/08 – Coast Guard finds no discrepancies during Operation Big Tow’s initial phase

12/15/08 – Business Hours for Coast Guard Regional Examination Centers

12/15/08 – AWOL Mariner to testify in Coast Guard Probe (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

12/11/08 – Coast Guard Increasing Inspections of Towing Vessels

11/24/08 Baltimore Daily Record: Baltimore jury awards $7.1M to injured tugboat employee

11/24/08 – C.G. Press Release: Coast Guard operation focusing on towing vessel safety in New England

11/15/08 Schenectady Daily Gazette: Cargo boom bolsters canal – Shipping triples in 2008, but recreational traffic tumbles

11/18/08 – Tug & tow suspected of causing major reef damage in Florida (Palm Beach Post)

11/18/08 – C.G. News Release: Operation Big Tow begins on Great Lakes

11/21/08 – Coast Guard uncovers violations in first round of inspections (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

11/15/08 – Editorial: the Coast Guard’s move (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

11/12/08 – Coast Guard launches inspection program for towboat industry (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

11/6/08 – U.S. Sues Barge Operator in Fatal 2003 Explosion (N.Y. Times)

11/6/08 – Oil spill hearing comes to an end – Report into cause expected this year (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

11/3/08 – Hints of Comeback for Nation’s First Superhighway (N.Y. Times)

11/2/08 – Cosco Busan incident spurs search for safety (San Francisco Chronicle)

10/30/08 – Debris may have jammed steering – Inspector testifies in Mel Oliver probe (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/29/08 – Witness testifies pilot told ‘different stories’ on spill – safety manager says he seemed ‘impaired’ (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/24/08 – Towing company may have paid low-level mariners more money to cover for higher ranking employees (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/23/08 – Sailor may have fallen asleep – Deckhand says pilot was ‘unresponsive’ (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/23/08 – Towboat apprentice may have been asleep at the wheel, according to testimony (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/23/08 – Towboat operator says firm knew of deal He would cover for licensed pilots (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/22/08 – Tug’s pilot jumped ship to visit girlfriend at time of Mississippi River oil spill (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/20/08 – Inspector testifies about violations by DRD Towing (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/17/08 – Towboat sailed despite failing inspection – Ship’s attorneys question operation (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/16/08 – New Orleans Times-Picayune: Towboat firm loses business – Barge owner reacts to river spill

10/10/08 – Coast Guard questions barge industry official in oil spill hearing (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

10/9/08 – Coast Guard resuming hearings into July oil spill – Tow firm officials, pilot may testify (New Orleans Times Picayune)

9/18/08 – Editorial: Don’t let up on tugboat rules (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

9/17/08 – House panel presses for tug rules – Officials say N.O. spill was preventable (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

9/17/08 – Tow industry, Coast Guard berated for Mississippi River oil spill (Shipper’s Newswire)

7/7/08 – Liability when Both Vessels Violate COLREGS (


  1. VTS NOLA Recording. Radio transmitions & AIS display of Mel Oliver incident.

  2. The USCG is actively seeking input on the upcoming towing vessel inspections here in the NY area. They are contacting boat owners and explaining the process and fielding questions. But this concerns more than just owners. If you run a tug, get involved. Find out qll you can. Some small companies are going to have a hard time meeting the requirements due to financial constraints and if you work for one of them, it could mean you end up out of work. So get involved, learn everything you can and begin helping your tug’s owner get ready. It’s in your best interest for many reasons. You can start here –

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