Towmaster’s Recommended Reading: the following is an always-incomplete, ever-evolving and wide-open-to-suggestion list of books and study guides that have value to the working mariner. In some case the links will take you to a retail book seller, in others it will take you to the publisher. The publishers will usually charge well more than a retailer, so shop around on Amazon Books or another retailer for a better deal. Some of the books are quite expensive, particularly those from The Nautical Institute in the U.K. That’s what happens when our almighty greenback gets you, as of 2/22/11, just £0.62! But quality costs, so if you want to improve your knowledge then you have to be willing to shell out. Educate yourselves, continually, or risk becoming obsolete and getting replaced or marginalized by those that do.

Towing Industry Textbooks

Admiralty / Maritime Law

Navigation, Navigation Rules, Passage Planning & Communications Textbooks

Watchstanding, Stability & General Seamanship Textbooks

Cargo Operations

Weather, Tides, Currents, & Oceanography Textbooks

Firefighting, 1st Aid & Survival Textbooks

Licensing & Certification Study Guides

Maritime General Interest, History & Fiction

Maritime Booksellers

Maritime Book Publishers

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