Greenhorn deckhands, some veteran deckhands, and even a few of the more senior mariners are often terribly unprepared to function effectively in all weather conditions. Given the job description, this is kind of hard to understand. To help cure the ignorance that is the root cause of this phenomenon we have provided a list of manufacturers and vendors of high-quality foul weather gear, work clothing, and other assorted equipment that will enable you to do your jobs better, more comfortably, and with a higher degree of safety. You’re all very welcome…..

MTVA Tip: we include the manufacturer’s web sites because they tend to have the best and most up-to-date information and photos, all of the current models available, are easy to use, and usually include links to their distributors and stores that sell their products. This is very helpful for researching exactly what it is you need and want to buy. For getting the best price we have included a bunch of retailer’s and distributor’s websites, many of whom specialize in marine/nautical gear that you won’t find elsewhere. Some of them are user-friendly, some not. Any given one may or may not carry the particular model you’re looking for. But you will, in most cases, do much better price-wise when buying from the retailers. Doing some research usually pays off and, even for marine gear, is often a good place to start. If you find a particularly good retailer/distributor that we don’t have listed please let us know so we can link to them and let everyone else benefit. Same goes for a new or unknown product. Thanks…..

Foul Wx Gear, Boots & Gloves

Work Clothing & Boots

Safety & Survival Equipment


  • Kaenon – the new gold standard for marine use! The Rhino is highly recommended and ***MTVA-approved***.


Knives & Multi-tools

Navigation Equipment & Software, Compasses, Weather Instruments, Nautical Charts, Publications, Books, Chart & Publication Corrections, Historic Charts, Nautical Gifts, Etc.

iPhone & iPad Apps

Various Retail Suppliers & Vendors


  1. You guys are great!

  2. […] Re: Must have items in your sea bag My bag is pretty much packed all the time with clothes for two weeks. It's been altered to account for cold wx now as I'll be offshore up north. I always have binos, an extension cord, sirius radio, camera, & laptop. Another listing of good gear to get can be found here: […]

  3. […] NY Harbor in the winter SUCKS, layer up and
    you’ll be fine. Go here for a good gear checklist: Retired BMC and former Mate

  4. Hello all,

    So, I’ve tried searching for a packing list in prep for cadet shipping. Although I’ve worked in the maritime industry of and on before going to a maritime academy I still tend to over, or worse under pack. I was wondering if there is a somewhat comprehensive checklist out there of essentials a deckhand should bring with him or her?

    If there isn’t one, perhaps someone might chime in with suggestions for different situations, i.e. different climates and different rotation periods? I’d say a good basis for Academy students would be 60 days straight, in Seattle perhaps. The list should also include estimated quanities of certain things such as socks, shirts and other essential items. I know that last summer I went with half as many socks as I should have for the 6 and 6 watches in the gulf. My socks had to be changed most every watch in that heat.

    So I’m hoping some kind of list can be generated if one doesn’t exist. It would help not only to refine my list but help other students in their oncoming co-ops and cadet shipping adventures.

    Thank you,

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