The Jones Act

  • 1-800-JonesAct – The best known online resource for the Jones Act, provided by the Ogletree Abbott Law Firm of Houston, Tx. We can’t personally vouch for their integrity or legal expertise, but they’ve done more than anyone else to put this very important information at your disposal free of charge. For this the MTVA applauds them.

Mariner Associations & Advocacy Groups

  • Master of Towing Vessels Association – North America’s towing industry-specific professional association for the working tug and towboat deck officer.
  • National Mariners Association – Capt. Richard Block and his crew have been fighting the good fight for all of us for years (previously as the Gulf Coast Mariners Association) by keeping pressure on the Coast Guard, unscrupulous vessel operators and the powerful trade/owner associations like the American Waterways Operators and Offshore Marine Services Association. Now they’ve gone nation-wide! They’re the best friends we limited-tonnage mariners have, so please consider joining so you can support their important activities in Washington, D.C. Come on, cough it up you cheap bastards!
  • International Tugmasters Association – the first global professional association for towing industry deck officers. The time to join is yesterday…..

Labor Information & Government Agencies

Labor Unions

Labor Union Reform

  • The Association for Union Democracy – If your union has forgotten what democracy means and who it is they’re supposed to be working for, and you want to know what you can do about it, then this is your site. A great how-to manual for going about fixing a broken union.
  • National Labor Relations Board – This agency is the government’s referee for disputes, squabbles and fights between unions and management, unions and their discontented members, non-union workers who want to unionize and management-types that want to prevent it, disenchanted union members who want to get rid of their union, and so on. Probably not a very fun job. Lots of good information here for those who want to form a union, get rid of a union, or who aren’t quite sure what they want to do. Plus the entire text of the Labor Relations Act of 1935. Read it if you dare!

USCG Licensing & Documentation, Military Sea Service, TWIC, FCC Licensing, U.S. Passports & Traveler’s Health Information

Licensing Consultants

License & Certificate Insurance

License & Certificate Study Guides

License Test Questions


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  2. LIcense advocacy on the Great Lakes is handled by Chuck Kakuska,, Sea K”s Licensing Service.. He has saved me so much time and money dealing with the CG ..

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