Posted by: towmasters | December 12, 2010

Sea Year Cadet: Makin’ Kings Point Proud!

It’s very crude, laced with foul language, and definitely not pc. Some Kings Point cadets and alumni who lack a sense of humor may well be highly offended by it. Nevertheless, I trust that most all of this blog’s readership will enjoy it as much as I did! Enjoy…..


  1. Boy am I proud to be from Schuyler……….That was HILARIOUS

  2. I AM a Kings Pointer and I thought it was HYSTERICAL!

  3. I think I sailed with this Cadet ! It was years ago … When I only had 8,000 sea days 🙂

  4. […] at the bit to hire them because of a mostly self-induced mariner shortage. And how about our trusty Sea Year Cadet? It’s a fact that academy graduates are somehow managing to emerge from school with towing […]

  5. That is a great video, I saw that when I was at Kings Point for a class with GMATS. Does anyone know how to get ahold of whomever controls access to it via YouTube? Thanks.

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