Posted by: towmasters | August 23, 2010

BP Wuz Here

The horrendous mess that has been made of the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the Macondo Well blowout and the subsequent loss of the Deepwater Horizon, and the serious but as-yet unquantifiable toll it’s taking on humans and wildlife alike, is no laughing matter. But despite it all John Clarke and Bryan Dawe, the brilliant Australian satirists, will make you laugh anyway.

If these two seem familiar for some reason it may be because you recognize them from their hilarious and now-classic “The Front Fell Off” performance.

I’ll be damned if I know how they can do these while keeping a straight face.

Then there’s this video depicting the confusion and ineptitude that gripped BP’s “headquarters” when the shite hit the fan. Enjoy…..


  1. Thank goodness. Your ‘humor’ category until now made me want to cry in my beer.

  2. Fantastic !!

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