Posted by: towmasters | February 9, 2010

Making The Cut: Work Knives For Seafarers – Part III

Here’s some worthy folders that slipped past me for inclusion in Part I of this series…..

Benchmade’s Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 with a 3.44-inch drop point blade and “Don’t Lose Me” orange handles is a smaller, folding version of the Mk3 fixed-blade survival knife. It can be had for $118.00 from Aeromedix.

If you have smaller hands, or just want a smaller knife, then consider the Mini-RSK Mk1 with a 2.88-inch blade and yellow handles for $110.00.

If you need a partially-serrated edge check out the RSK Mk1 ComboEdge (3.44-inch blade) for$135.00.

All of them have the same robust blade of S30V stainless steel, excellent grips, and other thoughtful design touches like the ridged thumb rest…..

…..and all U.S.A.-made for Equipped To Survive’s Doug Ritter by Benchmade in Oregon City, OR.

Of course you’ll need to sharpen all knives periodically, so take a look at Spyderco’s Tri-Angle Sharpmaker…..

…..which comes with medium and fine high-alumina ceramic stones. You can sharpen practically anything with this set, which comes with an excellent instructional DVD, and it’s $54.95 from You might also want the diamond rods, $44.95, for when you have to do some serious metal removal or re-shaping work to a badly damaged blade.

If you want something travel-sized, but still having the versatility to sharpen most anything with an edge or point, look no further than Spyderco’s ProFile set, which has both medium and fine stones and comes in a suede leather pouch. has it for$44.95.

Another versatile choice good for the mariner that travels a lot is DMT’s unbreakable Diamond-Ceramic Triangle Sharpener…..

…..which goes for $45.95 at DMT makes a wide range of sharpening stones, plates, steels and other implements to sharpen almost anything you can think of.

Finally, take a look at the CarBee-Sharp multi-purpose carbide sharpener. This is an excellent tool for sharpening things like fire axes…..

….. and costs only $14.95 at

In case you missed them, check out Part I (folding knives) and Part II (fixed-blade knives) of this series.


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  2. Very nice, but kind of expensive.

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