Posted by: towmasters | January 11, 2010

Photo Of The Week – 1/11/10

5,100hp of Tractor Power: looking south from Bayonne through the Narrows towards Ambrose Channel, Sandy Hook, the Highlands and the New York Bight, the thoroughly modern silhouette of the Lee T. Moran glides by on the way for an appointment with a ship somewhere up the bay.


  1. In response to Joel’s letter to USCG regarding TV Center for Excellence inspectors. The Coast Guard has never had any interest in working with the mariner. We are their wards and you would sooner see diamonds fall out of the sky then see USCG hire a single mariner, no matter what his or her experience and education. Any gains made in the mariner’s involvement with USCG did not come from mutual agreement or respect for our expertise. We had to fight and demand recognition. Our involvement in the TV Inspection program will be no different. We will need to uncover the discrimination and bring the proof to Congress. USCG reacted to our honest effort to engage the New Center of Excellence Centers by stone walling our letters that asked for information, guidance and equal opportunity, that is their M.O. . My involvement with TSAC confirmed something I had believed for many years. “Industry controls the Coast Guard and Mariner’s presence in the process is not favored by their partnership. Recently a deckhand became entangled in his tugs push gear and killed. A similar death occurred some years ago in New York Harbor. These two incidents have troubling similarities. Both men were working alone and died alone. No one was there to come to their aid. No one knows what happened to them because there were no witnesses. USCG continues to ignore the obvious need for adequate manning on towing vessels because it is a safety improvement not favored by their partner. Minimum manning requirements needs to be part of Towing Vessel Inspection Regulation.

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