Posted by: towmasters | November 16, 2009

Photo Of The Week – 11/16/09


Call it short sea shipping. Call it container-on-barge (COB) service. Call it the Marine Highway or whatever you will…..Moran Towing’s Cape Cod runs across the Upper Bay with the barge New Jersey on a morning Port NewarkRed Hook shuttle run. This photo also serves to clearly illustrate why having a corps of well-trained, knowledgeable and experienced career deckhands in the towing industry is a must, not an option. Who the hell do you think is serving as this captain’s eyes for the 180-degree arc of non-visibility to starboard? Yet another good reason to do away with the 30-day Wonder!

For more information check out America’s Marine Highways, as well as this container barge feeder service study from the Connecticut DOT and a Port Inland Distribution Network study for New Jersey.


  1. The deckhand can help but the truth is that is the ultimate responsibility of the tug operator to have a situation awareness 360 degree around him/her ,that operation should not be taking place since the tug operator does not have the right field of view and how can you tell what is happening on the other side or what action is the other vessel taking , or how can you adjust without seeing what is happening on the obstructed side ;one thing is to have the deckhand giving you distances while you are docking or undocking where the barge is pretty much stopped on the water and many time there is an assist tug present, and the other is having a full loaded barge making almost 10 knots were the tug operator may be involve in a meeting or crossing situation; regardless of the radio arrangements that can be done is still is extremely dangerous to hip a barge full of cargo without having the right field of view by the tug operator.

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