Posted by: towmasters | August 3, 2009

Photo Of The Week – 8/3/09


Up periscope! The Marjorie McAllister cuts over the top of the Bay Ridge Anchorage and heads for the Buttermilk on a warm and smoggy summer morning. Obviously, this feature takes up valuable crew space inside. But it gives the tug good visibility for barge work (very important) while still keeping it relatively low-profile (also very important) for McAllister’s bread-and-butter ship assist work. A slick design for avoiding the weight and expense of an upper house that would be in the way much of the time, but it’s also probably pretty loud going up and down. Compromises, compromises…..


  1. i’d never guessed it actually raised and lowered. i posted pics of marjorie three times in july 2009 . .. in each case doing ship assist. i’ve been had!

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