Posted by: towmasters | June 28, 2009

Photo Of The Week – 6/29/09


The river-named tug Wicomico pushes a load down Chesapeake Bay , America’s largest estuary, bound for Hampton Roads and the city of Chesapeake, Va. The main shipping channel that runs for the length of the bay is actually the ancient bed of the Susquehanna River, with origins in New York and Pennsylvania, and dates from a time when earth was much colder and the sea level much lower than it is now.


  1. Pronounced “Why COM i co.”

    I post this to help y’all avoid the response I got when I called it the “WEE co MEE co.”

  2. like “why commie, co?”

  3. Accent on the 2nd syllable with a short o, Short i on the 3rd syllable, long o on the 4th: why COM i co

  4. b-b-but there might be regional variations in pronunciation . . . even within the same watershed?

  5. No! Never!

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