Posted by: towmasters | June 16, 2009

Photo Of The Week – 6/15/09


Texas Bar in the Gulf Stream

On the edge of the Stream, southbound off Cape Fear, 2,000 feet of 2-inch wire rope hawser connects the tug and tow: 50,000 barrels of jet fuel headed for Jacksonville, Fl. The air is warm and the sea is alive with leaping dolphins and sea turtles flying by in slow motion. Beautiful, yet unavoidably somber if you pay attention to your position. We are very near the location of the Valour when she went down on a stormy January night. They don’t call these waters the Graveyard of the Atlantic for nothing…..



  1. very nice foto and setting . . . so 50,000 brls of jet fuel . . . how many 747 flights round-trip NYC–Paris would that be? i come up with about 90, assuming six gallons per mile 747 consumption. now . . given the number of NYC-Paris-equivalents flown out of NYC area per day . . . that’s about one day fuel? that’s a pure guess on this last part.

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