Posted by: towmasters | June 8, 2009

Tugnology ’09: The Papers

There’s no easy way to categorize them, so I’m not going to try. These are the technical papers that were presented at the conference in Amsterdam, attended by your delegates Capt.’s Jordan May and Mike Link, by some very smart and forward-thinking people who put a lot of effort into advancing the science and practice of what we do. A few of you may think that some of the ideas are far-fetched/pie-in-the-sky and will never see widespread practical acceptance and use. In some cases yes, in others no. It’s not easy to predict what humans will, for better or for worse, eventually adopt as a common practice. But know this: these people are in the game and every single idea that has ever led to a major advancement in virtually any human endeavor you can think of was ridiculed at one time or another by people who weren’t bright enough, or simply refused to see, that the world isn’t static. The only real constant in life is change and, in beautiful symmetry, its always been that way. Many of the ideas that we now take for granted as “normal” were considered to be heresy when they were first introduced. Today we would consider anyone who didn’t grasp the obvious superiority of, for instance, spectra line to be something of an idiot. Such is the human condition….. Much of what you’ll read here is history in the making and it’s all here for your professional edification and reading pleasure. Get on with it…..

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