Posted by: towmasters | February 20, 2009

TWIC Information Bulletin

Here’s an important TWIC bulletin written by the commanding officer of the National Maritime Center, Capt. David Stalfort. It reiterates the impending April 15th deadline for currently-working mariners to obtain a TWIC (if you want to remain working), contains some good general information, as well as some specifics that are aimed towards those just getting started in the marine industry. It also touches on the upcoming Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) consolidation regulations. The MTVA commends Capt. Stalfort and his staff for making this solid effort to communicate with mariners and hopes this trend continues and expands throughout the Marine Safety branch. Read on!


  1. When Boarded by a U.S.C.G.USS Kisha in Honokohau Harbor last March 09 the Boarding Officer was Showen the TWIC Card and HE Laughed and Asked for a Hawaiian Drivers Licence?and HE SAID that the Captains in Honokohau Harbor Would NEVER Need the TWIC Cards but have to have them?We were a little Dissapointed because we all sent $30,000.oo to Loockeed Martin and as you can Imagine wanted the Cards to do Something?TWIC Cards were NOT Meant for Public or Private Harbors with NO Secure Areas or Gated Entrances.Captains Please Help Stop the Madness and Write Your Senators.S-3377 is the Bill to Mention! Thank You Captain Bill Crawford…

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